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What we are

For the last decade, as professional movers in the Bay Area, our focus in on providing the best level of moving services at the foremost reasonable value to our residential and industrial customers throughout the complete Bay Area. Our movers are courteous, reliable, skilled and quick moving consultants within the entire moving industry in the Bay Area. Our client satisfaction and reliability is the key reason why we have a tendency to stay the quality movers in the Bay Area.

Our customers admit that once they request our movers from the Bay Area, it is a secure and worth-while deal. They get pleasure from the peace of mind that comes from having a fully insured and licensed moving consultant. Armus Moving and Storage have a scientific approach to moving any type of furniture which allows us to fulfill each native, long distance or industrial move in the Bay Area. Through our years of expertise in moving, our customers have proven to us that we provide the essentials required to carry out a successful and stress free move despite the difficulty.

Why we are

Armus Moving and Storage, and our skilled team of consultants, are dedicated professionals and will do whatever it takes to present you the foremost reasonable and customized industrial and residential solutions. Armus Moving and Storage is one of the most reliable companies within the Bay Area: our technique of handling each move independently is extremely distinctive. If you are in need of a reliable moving company here within the Bay Area, there’s no job to little or too massive. We have a tendency to handle every kind of native, long distance, industrial and residential move - do not hesitate to contact us these days to request a free estimate and make your appointment with Armus Moving and Storage.

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The California Public Utilities Commission regulates rights and obligations of all moving companies doing business in California State. Armus Moving and Storage is registered with PUC MTR 0190802, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration description MC ICC CA 413842.

Why Choose Us?

Armus Moving and Storage not only provides the lowest rates throughout the Bay Area, but we provide first class customer service as well. Our professional movers are courteous, diligent, fast, smart, and strong. Our workers go through rigorous training prior to their positioning, and all of our movers have built a strong reputation within the moving industry within the Bay Area. We provide every move with a skilled foreman, fully equipped truck, and competitive rates. Why Choose Us? Read from our clients.

Our Services Will Always Include

What separates our company from others is not just our general etiquette but, it's also because of our hard working foreman. Every move we do will have a team leader, also known as the Foreman of the Job, and he will provide you with any answers to make the job as stress free as possible. Our foreman are fast, responsible, smart, and strong. They are efficient team leaders and know how to problem solve: you can guarantee a stress-free move.
Many of our clients have been so satisfied with our services, they always have great words to say. Making sure our customers feel comfortable is our number one priority. Our movers are not just coworkers, nor are they just friends, but they are like family. Everyone looks out for each other: if someone notices someone struggling to dolly a couch up the stairs, the other will put down what he is carrying to help. Team work is crucial to get the job done right: all of our movers work as together.
They always say the first impression is your last impression: our moving trucks are clean, maintained, and safe. Not just a nice logo and paint job, but all of our trucks come fully equipped for every move. Whether your job is at 9am or 3pm, our trucks will be fully equipped with
  • Shrink Wrap (to protect your furniture from dust, ware and tare from transportation, etc)
  • Quilted Blankets (to keep your furniture safe in the truck, and to protect your walls from being scuffed during the moving process)
  • Wardrobe Boxes (to hang up any clothes in your closet. just keep in mind, 2 come standard with your rate. ask the representative for more wardrobe boxes if needed).


  • Address San Jose:
    1245 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95116
  • Address San Francisco:
    1179 Mission street, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Address Los Angeles :
    10584 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

Contact Details

  • Email: info@armusmovingandstorage.com
  • Website: www.armusmovingandstorage.com
  • Toll Free: (415) 666-2530
  • Phone Number: (323) 284-6344